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Appalachian wildflower emergesWelcome fellow travelers of time and space. So maybe you've had one or more strange occurrences. Suppose they seem to defy the normal pattern of thoughts that fill our days and nights. If these events appear to be intense memories or experiences of strange things and places, they might fall into the the realm of what is commonly known as past life memories.

I personally never thought much about this subject until it happened to me. Repeatedly. For about a year at random times when relaxing, I would suddenly be reliving intensely emotional moments of unfamiliar things, people, and places. Was it a gift? Was it a burden? Yes to both. If these things are proving to be more trouble than you want, just try stopping them. Say out loud, make it stop I can't handle this. It seems to work. It did for me after I got tired of dealing with the emotions. Whether it is the simple mental act of speaking it out loud, or if it is the angels, fairies, God, or whoever is listening, it may help. Mine stopped completely for five years.

The conscious mind tries to make sense of things. To suddenly experience something in the first person that has no context in your life can be a little freaky. It is a very real and intense phenomenon that happens to people sometimes. I'm not even going to try to tackle the subject of what past life memories really are. There are plenty of opinions and ideas already. I made it a point not to read too much about it. This is a personal thing and someone else can tell you what they think, but it is ultimately up to you to decide what it means to you, if anything. It is nearly impossible to prove what someone believes to have done in a past life so don't worry about trying to. Finding the treasure of a long dead pirate would prove to yourself that you remember what he did. But would it prove the reality of past life memory to anyone else? Does it matter? Gaining understanding and inner peace instead of emotional turmoil matters.

How these things get in your head will likely remain a scientific mystery for some time to come. Modern science and past life memories do have some common basis. Multiple studies have shown that memory is imprinted more deeply in the brain when a powerful emotional stimulus is present at the time the memory forms. Most episodes of past life memory include an intense emotion. Think about your own life. There are likely moments in time that you recall more vividly than others. The more dramatic events leave a deeper impression. These are the thoughts that appear when someone "sees their life flashing before them" when in imminent fear of dying. Wherever past life memories come from, whatever they are, decoding a little about them may help to give a person a handle on what they might represent.

Where to begin? Start by recording every tiny detail about everything you experienced as soon as possible. Write it, type it, record audio, video, whatever it takes. Try drawing what you saw. Recall the emotions. Think of all your senses. What did you see, hear, touch, smell, taste? Were there people? What was their race? What was their eye and hair color? Did they speak? What language? What tools were they using? How were they dressed? Any animals or plants? What are the details of any buildings, geography, forms of transportation? Bodies of water nearby? Any rocks or soil? What color and texture? What was the weather like? Does anything bear any design or artwork? Humans have always liked decorating their possessions and much art can be traced to specific places and times. That fact proved to be crucial in my search. Building architecture also tends to be a good indicator of time and location.

Simply try searching online for information and images about the things you recall. Don't try to figure it all out at once. Don't obsess about having to know what it all means. An hour or two of reading a week can give you a lot to think about. Let the pieces fall together over time. Don't worry and focus on making your present life better. Don't try to tell everyone about it. Unless it's happened to them, they likely won't understand. Do tell someone you can talk to, just don't overload them with too much information. Sometimes it is best to keep some things to yourself, like telling a spouse you were married to someone else. They may fear you will go looking for this "lost" love. If some of the stories of reincarnation are to be believed you may already be with the person you remember. Make your experiences a positive thing for those around you. Don't cause them any grief or worry. Stay grounded and keep your sense of humor. Keep an open mind too.

Pick out something unusual and start searching it for images and information. Search other items and try to find a point in time and location where all things could fit. Do advanced searches with multiple terms to find where these items intersect. Be as logical as you can. Let the evidence lead you. Don't jump to conclusions, although an educated guess may be all you have in the end. Also try to learn more about your family history and the history of places where you have been. In my case there turned out to be a strong correlation with one branch of my family tree. That was not evident at first but became apparent after doing lots of research. If nothing ever makes any sense, then maybe it was just a dream, a long forgotten scene from a childhood movie, or something else. If the pieces do fit together and seem to have a connection with you, the person inside, maybe there is something to it. At best you can prove to yourself that the things in your mind are accurate. How they may have gotten there is another story, but you may get a clue if a physical location or time can be determined.

Try this custom Google search. It already has keywords like history, past, and people. Good luck!

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